Fun Facts about the Mary Kay World Headquarters

The Mary Kay Building became the Company headquarters in early December 1995. Here are some fun facts about the building and the 13th floor.

  • The shell structure was built by a large savings and loan corporation in the mid-80's. The interior was designed and finished by Mary Kay Inc. There is a large, walk-in vault on the first floor lobby level that was included in the foundation of the building, but was of no use to Mary Kay Inc. The vault was left in place because of the high cost to remove it.

  • The street running under the building was originally named Liberty Drive, but was re-named Mary Kay Way.

  • The Mary Kay Building is 599,000 square feet and is situated on 34 acres of land.

  • The west atrium is 170 feet high and has a volume of 2,000,000 cubic feet.

  • The number "13" was Mary Kay Ash's lucky number. The Company was founded on Friday, September 13, 1963. And the Mary Kay Building has 13 floors and 13 passenger elevators.

  • The Mary Kay Building features over 4 acres of glass, over 3 acres of granite.

  • The area of the parking garage and the building is over 25 acres.

The 13th Floor

With 13 being Mary Kay's lucky number, it's no surprise that her office and the executive offices are located on that floor. Her office is beautifully maintained as it was when she led the Company. The oval receptionist area features columns and panels made of Pearwood. The base of the columns is marble imported from Turkey. The receptionist's desk outside Mary Kay's office features inlayed bumblebees. Here are some other Fun Facts about the 13th floor.

  • The lobby features patterned (brushed) bronze walls - the same as in the first floor lobby.

  • Andiroba wood used around the boardroom and hallways is in the same family as mahogany and has been called Brazilian mahogany due to its similarity. It can be found growing wild throughout the Amazon Rainforest.

  • Fiddleback Makore wood (pronounced 'mack-or-ray') panels are more linear/horizontal than the andiroba. Makore is also known as African Cherry.

  • In the boardroom, the table is made from redwood burl and Alpine burl for the top portions and Honduras mahogany and black ebonize material for the pedestals.

  • A scene from the movie Dallas: JR Returns was filmed in this boardroom (1995).