Sonia Arriola

Independent National Sales Director
Sonia Arriola
Inwood, New York


Legal Secretary; Business owner servicing the Hispanic Community

“La Fe”/"The Faith"

Began, August 1989; Independent Sales Director, August 1991; Independent National Sales Director, February 2013.

Motivated by:
Making everyone feel important! Mentoring; teaching
My best asset:
My family; My area Beauty Consultants and Sales Directors
Favorite vacation spot:
Childhood home in Guatemala

“Making everyone feel important, to embrace their confidence, no matter who they are. For whoever needs an encouraging word, giving a strategy and knowing that something I said, did or taught made an impact on someone’s life or career. For me, that is priceless.”

Persistence opens doors. “I describe myself as a person who is persistent. I enjoy learning. I follow rules, focus on improving and, above all, love teaching what I learn and watching how my example can change the lives of others. My native country is Guatemala. When I came to this country, I worked in whatever I found, but I knew there was something else for me. I learned to value myself, lose my shyness, speak in public, be motivated and motivate others.”

Sonia shares her life with her three grown children, Melissa, Leonard and Michael.

“I fell in love with and used Mary Kay® products for 36 years, but didn’t think the Mary Kay opportunity was for me. What made me seize this opportunity was the persistence of the person who recruited me.” Sonia describes herself as very shy then, but managed to overcome it when she realized that this opportunity had everything built into it that she wanted – the ability to give her kids a better future, school, vision and path, as well as the personal opportunity to teach others. “Then, I began to take the opportunity seriously and became an Independent Sales Director. My personal growth has been huge and is still happening.”

Sonia admires her Independent Executive National Sales Director, Patricia Turker. She sees her as a role model and characterizes her as “a successful woman, a leader, a visionary, one who inspires and one who has a great heart.” The quality Sonia admires most in Patricia is her passion for her business, people and family, and her ability to balance them in her life, calling her “a very charming woman.” Sonia had the opportunity to be mentored by another very charming and charismatic woman, Mary Kay Ash. She has especially fond memories as a New Sales Director, when Mary Kay looked straight into her eyes, took Sonia’s hands in hers and received her thanks for how the Mary Kay opportunity had changed her life. “She said to me, ‘Just share it.’”

When asked about her future as an Independent National Sales Director, Sonia had this to say: “I want others to follow me. My legacy will be to sow into each person the seeds of valuing self, so that they believe in their greatness and their ability to achieve. Becoming an Independent National Sales Director is the most privileged position, to which I have dedicated over 23 years of my life. I’ve opened a door, and am convinced that women who know my Mary Kay career path will see themselves reflected in it and know that if I could do it, so can they. I believe that we are a light for others to follow.”