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Mary Kay
Economic recession helped shift peoples' focus from social change to personal growth in the '70s. Self-help books, new aspirations and changing roles for women were signs of the time.
1970 I Taking Flight
Of all the Mary Kay awards, the diamond bumblebee pin is the most cherished. The first pins were awarded at the 1970 Seminar. With them, Mary Kay Ash told the story of the amazing bumblebee. After studying it, aerodynamics engineers had concluded it should not be able to fly. Yet, despite the odds, this incredible creature flew! This can-do story made the bumblebee the perfect symbol for women who follow their can-do spirits to achieve new heights.
1971 I National Sales Director
With the growing success of the Company and its independent sales force, the prestigious position of Independent National Sales Director was created in 1971. Helen McVoy and Dalene White debuted as the first NSDs at a Dallas Workshop's Future Director Banquet. Since then, more than 500 women worldwide have attained this top position.
1971 I Going Global
Mary Kay Inc. took its first global step on Feb. 23, 1971, by opening an international subsidiary in Australia. Today, with more than 35 markets, Mary Kay Inc. is truly a global company. Click here for a list of Mary Kay markets around the world.
1974 I Inspiring Leaders
To help women develop their potential, the first Leadership Conference was created in 1974. From the beginning, this conference provided Independent Sales Directors the education, inspiration and motivation needed to reach their potential and to lead other women to achieve their dreams. Today, more than 33,000 women across the world have reached the rank of Independent Sales Director.
1975 I Star Achievements
The Star Consultant program was introduced in 1975 to inspire the independent sales force in sales and team building. That year, Star Consultants wore the bright yellow "Golden Girl Suit." Today, they receive lavish prizes and the Ladder of Success pin, which is worn with pride.
1978 I Prestigious Honors
In 1978, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale presented Mary Kay Ash the prestigious Horatio Alger award. This award is given to distinguished Americans who have succeeded in spite of adversity. Click here to see a list of awards received by Mary Kay Ash.
1979 I National Attention
America took note when "60 Minutes" interviewed Mary Kay Ash in 1979. The nation was taken by the remarkable woman and her visionary business opportunity. Within two years, the Mary Kay independent sales force had more than doubled, and sales almost tripled.

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