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Mary Kay
The 60's was a decade of change. The lack of opportunities for women, civil rights and the environment were key issues as 70 million baby boomers began entering their teens and twenties.
1963 I Opening Doors for Women
Mary Kay Ash launched her big dream in a small office space in Exchange Park on Friday, Sept.13, 1963. With used furniture, homemade drapes and a single metal shelf from Sears, the Dallas headquarters of Beauty by Mary Kay opened its doors for business as it opened new doors of opportunity for women.
1963 I A Beautiful Solution
Along with a new opportunity, Beauty by Mary Kay ushered in a new approach to skin care with the Basic Treatment Set. It included four skin care products and a foundation. The first glamour products included a pink palette with five eye and lip colors, blush, mascara, and an eyebrow and eyeliner pencil.
1964 I Thinking Pink
In the '60s, most American bathrooms were white. So pink was chosen for the Company's packaging to give women beauty products they could keep conveniently on their bathroom counters.
1964 I A Tradition Begins
Seminar began more like a large family dinner than the grand gala it is today. Mary Kay Ash cooked chicken for 200 members of the Mary Kay family who shared the first anniversary celebration together. Today, Seminar celebrations are lavish productions held in more than 30 markets around the world. More than 100,000 independent sales force members attend each year to receive motivation, education and recognition from the Company.
1965 I Suited for Success
Since a great image could inspire confidence, success and pride, it's no surprise that the Career Apparel program was one of the first developed after the Company opened. The first Independent Sales Director suit - a two-piece black wool knit suit with Texas-style cowboy hat - got the program off to a fashionable start in 1965. The Company has since offered 74 suits - some award winners and some, well, signs of their times.
1966 I Dreams Come True
Beautiful jewelry. Fantastic vacations. Elegant cars. In 1966, the Company introduced Cinderella gifts - luxury rewards women would love to have but would never buy for themselves. It began with the Golden Goblet award. Today, Cinderella gifts symbolize success for independent sales force members worldwide.
1969 I Cadillac Style
Make it pink! Mary Kay Ash didn't know it then, but when she requested pink as the color of her new Cadillac, she started something big. In 1969, the top five Independent Sales Directors earned the use of 1970 pink Cadillac Coupe de Villes. To date, more than 100,000 independent sales force members worldwide have qualified for the privilege of driving a Mary Kay career car.

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